Why Primal Instinct?

From our experiences traveling the world and spending most free days outdoors hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and farming we realized this is where we belong. Hell, every human being belongs in the outdoors. We, as a species, grew into what we are today as outdoor people, learning to survive and overcome challenges. Today, groups of people in our society feel like nature is a foreign abnormality, as if we need to distance ourselves from it.

We forget where we came from. Nature molded us to be active and a part of this world, not a recluse reduced to the confines of our home buried in our phones or watching mindless crap on big screens. There is a true need to change the way society views and interacts in our world. That is why we created Primal Instinct Clothing – to be a reminder to people of what they are and where they came from. Which is a being apart of this beautiful world, where everyone can go explore that instinctual part of themselves, be active and get connected once again. 
All of our products are manufactured right here in America using certified organic and sustainable material, including our shipping packaging.  A portion of proceeds will be put to work to help wild life conservation efforts and farm land preservation.
Our seed tags are just another way to give back to our planet. Instead of throwing away your tag when you're ready to wear your apparel, go ahead and bury it in the dirt , as our tags are infused with wildflower seeds. Planting wildflowers, to replenish much of the meadow and wildflower habitat that has been lost over the years, is a positive step we can take to assist bees and keep them thriving. Along with the tags, our packaging is also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.