About us

Meet Billy and Skyler, founders of Primal Instinct Clothing.  Both grew up on farms in rural towns of South Jersey.  Billy's family had a horse and cattle farm where both his parents were in professional rodeo.  Skyler lived on a 100 acre sheep farm not too far away in a neighboring town.  Throughout their lives, health, fitness, and the absolute love of the outdoors was ingrained in them from the time they could walk.  Following separate paths during their childhood they both would get degrees in health and exercise science and became teachers where they would eventually meet and discover how much they had in common with the same passion for travel, adventure, and health. 

During their time together both as teachers and avid outdoor explorers, they realized how beautiful our world truly is, contrary to what the news says.  They also realized how far off society is becoming.  It seemed like people, especially their students, felt it was more important to spend time on their phone and watch TV rather than creating the active experiences themselves.  They were watching life rather than living it.

Through many conversations with one another about their travels and life they felt as though people needed to get back to where they belong, the outdoors.  Hence Primal Instinct was born.  An all organic clothing brand made right here in the USA, that could be a reminder and inspiration to people to get back to where we all evolved.  To stop living a life of depression, anxiety, and lack of purpose, and back to one of vibrant activity, health, and connection.  Because they both grew up on farms and adventuring the outdoors, they wanted to donate to organizations that help with the conservation of this beautiful country and to the farmers that are at the heart of our American food supply.  Go "Feel Wild Again"!